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Ordering Food is Like Choosing Netflix Show

Every company has this same question they asked themselves everyday: How can we provide the most unique offering to our costumers? How can we win our cuctomers’ mind and heart? The type of question Grab also have. The Singaporean transportation network company has been expanding in Indonesia eversince it’s appearance in 2014. 

How Chong Ket Pen Caused Big Loss to Protasco, Global Capital Limited, and PT ASU

There was a Group Executive Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of a Malaysian investment holding company came with a promising proposal to an Indonesian venture capital and asset management company. But it turned out to be a deceptive act.

Cari Info Valid Soal HIV/ AIDS? Tanya Marlo Saja

Orang dengan HIV/ AIDS (ODHA) memikul beban dobel dari segi fisik maupun psikis. Di tengah perjuangan mencari dan menjalani pengobatan, mereka juga dihantui tekanan sosial dari lingkungan sekitar terhadap penyakit yang diidapnya.