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Jangan Colong Buku, Kecuali Kau Chairil Anwar

Cerita penelusuran jurnalis Hasan Aspahani di tiap tapak sepi penyair Chairil Anwar untuk penulisan buku “Chairil” sarat penyingkapan mitos seputar kehidupan si pelopor sastra angkatan 45.   

Keep It Fresh With Adidas Originals

panel discussion

What is originality? How to stay original today, in the context of bringing brands to consumers and embrace the culture. As part of ORIGINAL IS NEVER FINISHED event, Adidas Originals Indonesia held a panel discussion “How to Stay Original Today” at Atrium Senayan City, Jakarta (3/3/18). 

Remember the Roots

Four speakers from well known founders and representatives gave the knowledge of what it takes to be original and stay true in the game. 

Originality is not about creating something new. Adidas Indonesia Senior Brand Activation Manager, Ivon Liesmana explained. It is about how to elevate things from the roots of originality and keep it fresh today.

“We dont need to create something new. We can relate something from the past.  Create and evolve and do it better. Not everything you see nowdays is something that you have never seen before,” She added.   

Ivon then mention about Adidas collections that's been improving and inovative from time to time.

“Especially from our product collections. That’s something already launched years back, but we’re doing it better. We’re improving it. We’re adding more inovations. Some of the elements are coming from the historic and the archives,” she described.  

Furthermore, Ivon told the audience. Adidas Originals was born in 1972. So with forty six years experience, the brand continues to commit in staying authentic by pushing creativity and working together with creators and partners. 

“It’s all about being authentic. You see a lot of different creators from various industries. They are good at what they do. They’re doing things based on what they like and passionate about and keep it real,” She concluded.

adidas originals

Your Brand is Your School  

Meanwhile, for Edson Sabajo from PATTA, originality also comes in the process of learning in developing a brand.

“We develop and went through like:  let’s do some clothing. We know nothing about clothing line but we just found out. So the whole platform is like an open school to us. I learn and my team is learning stuff on the way and keep it going. Next year is 15 years that we’re doing this whole Patta thing. But for me, we’re just started,” said Amsterdam based-Owner.

Patta opened for business since 2004. Located right in the heart of Amsterdam, the store brings new excitement to the Dutch street wear scene. The brand expands from sneakers, clothing, running team, to radio shows  and sound system.

Tamish from Ageless Galaxy, Indonesia chimed in by suggesting that the best way to stay original is to just be yourself .

“It’s always good to just follow your gut feeling, as long as you know what is right. That your objective is clear and for the better good. Then that’s the best way to stay original, instead of ripping other brands off. Just be yourself,” he added.  

Being original in term of personal branding is about expressing your mind and how to communicate it.  

“You have a mentality that you try to communicate. Or if you have a struggle that you want to explain people that you came across. That is the way and how you should be smart on how you can take that as inspiration itself to move forward,” Tamish said    

Adrian Riyadi from Our Daily Dose, Indonesia, remarked a true story of himself. About how important a community is to support brand existing.   

The panel discussed about streetwear in general, how it has somewhat taken over the mainstream crowd in connection to the relationship between a brand and retailers. Along with the future trends in streetwear culture.


  1. Adidas always has a great campaign, but in all seriousness, it is indeed a brand of quality :)

    1. agree sis, the brand has strong ethos and resources

  2. nama brand sudah jadi rajanya sepatu. mau ada kw atau barang palsu lainnya tetep nama adidas akan selalu jadi rajanya sepatu. maen kualitas dan harga gak boong

  3. yes, thats the word: rajanya sepatu. bener banget sis Daruma, harga selalu jujur

  4. Jiplakan merk masih marak, tapi mutu tetap kelihatan mana yang asli atau yang KW.

  5. Being original in term of personal branding is about expressing your mind and how to communicate it. I like this statement. That's why i love Adidas, espescially for exercise.

  6. Raja sepatu yg telah mendunia. Harga tidak akan membohingi...

  7. Adidas sepatu idaman nih, aku pingin banget satu model yang dari dulu belum kebeli, masih harus nabung dulu..

    1. Mantap, sepatu yang menggerakkan kita untuk menabung ya kak

  8. Brand adidas sudah jadi brand unggulan. Tidak hanya sepatu tapi produk olahraga lainnya juga banyak brand adidas

    1. Brand yang merambah luas dgn produk2 unggulannya ya kak

  9. Aku baru ada satu sepatu merek ini. Punya aku. Kalo suami sih belinya lihat merek. Kalo anak ya pasti mau lihat gambar, hahah

  10. Adidas ini merk yg udah mendunia banget ya. Bahkan samapi-sampai banyak KW nya nih.

  11. Aku alhamdulillah masih kuat nahan iman beli yang kw ka. Mending nabung duludbiardbisa beli yg asli, awet dan lebih puas

  12. Good qualities makes good brand. Even there are so many products produces the products like Adidas. But they still got the brand it self.


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