Ordering Food is Like Choosing Netflix Show

Grab Talks by GrabFood: Building and Managing a Food Delivery Platform at Scale

Every company has this same question they asked themselves everyday: How can we provide the most unique offering to our costumers? How can we win our cuctomers’ mind and heart? The type of question Grab also have.   

Super App

The Singaporean transportation network company has been expanding in Indonesia eversince it’s appearance in 2014. Today, continuing inovations in ride hailing, Grab moving fastly getting more with mechants and drivers in food delivery. Country GM GrabFood Indonesia Demi Yu adressed the topic to audience in Grab Talks: Building and Managing A Food Delivery Platform At Scale, WeWork Gama Tower, Jakarta July 23, 2019.

Demi mentioned about the company's commitment in bringing many different touchpoints in consumers’ life from the day they start activity. She called it a journey of Grab as a super app.

“How can we make sure, when our consumers wakes up, they use public transportations option, they will eat by Grabfood, they will probably book movie tickets, appointment with doctors, all on the same platform,” she added. 

As for food deliveries spesifically in Indonesia, Grab will make sure product offering by merchants in line with costumers satisfaction. As such will help cultivate the best customers’ conversion and loyalty. Insights based on overall subscribtions for crews design the platform as unique as possible.

In creating unique offering, Demi put an analogy of one of the leading over-the-top (OTT) media service; Netflix. We go to Netflix because the channel has different shows with stories and genres we can select and watch. When people think about food, think about variety menu as a tv channel would provide.

“Think about food as Netflix. When you go to Netflix, it’s got your different shows that you watch. Why you order Grabfood because we offer something that you can’t get in anywhere else,” Demi claimed.

It may sounds simple. But how do we ensure that it is truly unique, it is something that is worked on tirelessly. That is why Grab put a lot of invesment in hiring great human resources. Good news, Grab recently open recruitment for local talents to join the team.

Grab Talks by GrabFood

Operation Lead for Grabfood Indonesia Angga Narendra said in supporting the best Indonesia experience in using the app, Grab also needs talents from local.

“We’re looking for people that born and live here. These kind of people that actually have the strongest bonding with this country,” Angga added. 

However, Angga also stated that we didn’t have to come from local to understand market. As long as we learn the culture and demography and geography dynamic, we will take on the market. The consistently process of effort to find what is the best working model to integrate into the local culture.

Started career in investment banking, Demi Yu worked in HongKong, New York, and Zurich. Demi was previously Regional Head of GrabFood's businesses in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Now she leads GrabFood Indonesia as Country GM.

Prior to GrabFood she spent 3 years at Uber, first as a Launcher in Uber China's transport business, and in Uber Southeast Asia as Head of Expansion for UberEats. Demi is originally from China and studied at City University of Hong Kong and Carnegie Mellon University in the US.

Angga Narendra started his career as a consultant in Singapore & Indonesia for 6 years. Today, Angga leads Operation for GrabFood Indonesia. Prior from GrabFood, Angga was leading COO's Office for Grab Indonesia & GrabCar Acquisition for all Indonesia.  


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